segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2020

Pe.David Domingues - POWERED BY LOVE

It takes much courage to move forward when everything seems to be going against you. Jane (not her real name) is a still-young mother of two. Her husband is now disabled due to a stroke which paralyzed the right side of his body. Poverty and lack of opportunities have led them to being homeless. Nowadays, they ply the streets in their old pedicab in search for something amidst the garbage that can fetch money to put food into their stomachs and survive another day.
As if such life was not hard enough, the prolonged quarantine imposed in the city has kept most businesses and restaurants closed. Thus, the waste disposed in the dumpsters is considerably less resulting in Jane having to pedal for many more hours to find recyclables and such to ensure the survival of her family. Rain or shine, Jane continues to ride her pedicab. With her is her collected recyclables plus her children and husband. Despite this very heavy load, she continues to pedal, standing if needed, so that she can keep moving the pedicab along the road.
As I shared with them some food, I asked Jane, “How do you still have strength to carry this heavy load?” Shy in words, she did not reply but simply gave me a smile as she moved on. At that moment, I knew. I knew that only her immense and deep love for her husband and children can empower her to keep pushing and striving. Only the power of love can make someone face so much hardship and obstacles and still have the courage to smile and keep going.
What powers you in your life? When the burden of life is too heavy, when the obstacles seem unsurpassable and when your dreams crumble and all hope is gone…what powers you on? When injustice seems to triumph and evil of all sorts flourishes, how do you keep going? Only the sap of God’s love can keep us steady and fully alive, allowing us to bend but not to break when the storms hit so hard.
Those who are truly powered by this love are never defeated for their power lies in eternal hope. And when you have hope, you do not just survive, but you become the source of a new spring of life that brings about a better and brighter world. So let us believe in love, because truly love can save each and every one of us.

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