segunda-feira, 25 de maio de 2020

Pe David Domingues - HELLOS AND GOODBYES

Life is lived in between a series of “hellos” and “goodbyes”. Needless to say that to say hello, even to the most timid spirit, is far easier and more pleasant than to bid farewell unless there is no love for the one you say goodbye to. Since we were born, we learn to say hello to people who have blessed our journey; to new experiences, opportunities realizations, accomplishments, jobs, and so much more. But, the fact is that each hello soon becomes a goodbye to people who move away, experiences that are concluded, jobs that remain behind as we move forward to new beginnings. Such is our human journey and it is beautiful indeed. However, no one likes to say goodbye.
With the celebration of the Ascension of Jesus, a final moment of farewell has come. He had prepared his disciples for this moment of departure, yet, who can ever be ready to bid farewell to the One who had become the center of their lives for the entire time of Jesus public ministry. They were certainly at a loss starring at the heavens. But, in this “last moment”, in his last farewell message to the disciples, Jesus says something amazing: “Go and make disciples of all nations …teach them … I am with you always, until the end of the age.” Clearly reminding the disciples and all of us that this ‘goodbye’ is meant to be a new beginning. As someone pointed out, from this moment Jesus started working from home, but the mission of the Church begun.
Our mission is clear - go and make disciples! How, through our witnessing to the faith we treasure in our hearts, and our commitment to follow not just the teaching of Jesus, but to follow in His footsteps. It is consoling to know that He remains with us. We do not need to gaze up into the sky: Jesus dwells with us, He lives in us and is not absent - but among us forever.
Let us BE GRATEFUL to the Lord for trusting us enough to entrust His mission to us. No place for spectators! We are all workers of the Lord.
Let us BELIEVE that, in the power of the Spirit, Jesus continues to be fully present in our journey. He is never absent. What we need to do is to open our hearts in faith to Him.
Let us GO! Yes, the feast of the Ascension is a call for action.
There are some hellos and goodbyes lying ahead on our journey. Let us not fear! Through it all, He is still the Emmanuel, the God who is and forever will be with us.

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